Festive Food Festival with 132 Panettones

Gretchen Noelle

My love of food was cultivated early on by my family but has come alive while living in Peru. During the 12 years of living in Lima, Peru, I have also enjoyed numerous trips to other areas of the country. Here on Provecho Peru you will find Peruvian recipes in English, American favorites prepared overseas, news about Peruvian Cuisine and interesting tidbits about life in Peru.

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11 Responses

  1. Cookie baker Lynn says:

    What a wonderful way to share the joy of Christmas! I’m sure you will be as blessed as the receivers of your gifts will be.

  2. Suzana says:

    Those mini Panettones look rather sweet! And what a nice Christmas gift they make – if I’m brave enough I’ll try your recipe myself.Loved your new greenish set! 🙂

  3. Karen Downing says:

    What a great idea! These are so sweet looking. Like the new look of your site.

  4. Helene says:

    I’m impressed with your generosity. I’ll like to go along and bring the panettones to these people. And the mini Panettones look good.

  5. Paz says:

    Yes, what a wonderful way to share the joy of Christmas. The true joy of Christmas. Those receiving the panettones will be very happy. Paz

  6. Elle says:

    Yummy recipes. I love panettone and the little ones are so cute!

  7. Bev and Ollie "O" says:

    what a wonderful way to share Christmas. It makes me realise how privalaged we are. I love panettones so I have bookmarked you recipe. yum!

  8. Gretchen Noelle says:

    Lynn – I love participating in chocolatadas here, it does bring lots of joy!Suzana – Be brave, you can do it! I decided to do a green overhaul yesterday!Karen – Thanks! The ginger offsets the cranberry so it wasn’t too sweet. I like the new layout as well!Helene – Thank you and you are welcome to join us!Paz – It is important to remind this kids of the true joy of Christmas!Elle – I love the taste of panettone bread but have been known to pick out all the raisins and candied fruit, so my versions suited me much better!Bev – I do hope you enjoy making them. I look forward to sharing the joy this Christmas season!

  9. bee says:

    that’s a wonderful gesture. have a beautiful christmas.

  10. Laurie Constantino says:

    132 Panettones – that was an impressive shopping trip! And your mini-Panettones look delicious.

  11. Gretchen Noelle says:

    Bee – Thank you!Laurie – Sure was! All the panettones did not fit into the truck and we had to do two trips!

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