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Gretchen Noelle

My love of food was cultivated early on by my family but has come alive while living in Peru. During the 12 years of living in Lima, Peru, I have also enjoyed numerous trips to other areas of the country. Here on Provecho Peru you will find Peruvian recipes in English, American favorites prepared overseas, news about Peruvian Cuisine and interesting tidbits about life in Peru.

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26 Responses

  1. Cakelaw says:

    These look interesting Gretchen – do you know why they are called “nun’s puffs”? I particularly like the idea of the savoury puffs.

  2. Veron says:

    I love puffs, specially if they are mixed with a little cheese. Hmmn, craving some right now.

  3. Ann says:

    Your puffs look beautiful!

  4. RecipeGirl says:

    They look a little like Aebelskivers. Have you ever had those? Delicious!

  5. StickyGooeyCreamyChewy says:

    What a nice recipe! They look great. I am also curious as to how they got their name.

  6. Deborah says:

    What a fun recipe!

  7. aforkfulofspaghetti says:

    I’ve never heard of these – but I’m itching to try, now! Only dilemma is what to have with them…

  8. Aran says:

    These look like Yorkshire Pudding… is that correct? I love their name and they look soooo good!

  9. Cara says:

    Are these like popovers? They look delicious!

  10. Cookie baker Lynn says:

    These look so fun to make and to eat! They would make a perfect Saturday breakfast treat.

  11. Suzana says:

    The savoury version sounds great to me but I could have a couple of those right now!

  12. Amy says:

    What a treat! A plate of these, hot out of the oven, would be a special treat indeed. Love the big dollop of jam deflating the puff. 🙂

  13. Medena says:

    Great looking puffs, and great recipe, thanks for sharing!I got a ton of jam (homemade), now I have another use for it 🙂

  14. marias23 says:

    Gosh, you are making me really hungry!!! Your puffs remind me of popovers. Do they collapse very quickly or do they stay relatively “puffed”?

  15. Gretchen Noelle says:

    Cakelaw – The cookbook actually states that the name is a mystery. I love the savory ones too!Veron – Mmm…cheese with them sounds tasty!Ann – Thanks!Recipe Girl – I have had abelskivers and these are not too similar. Abelskivers are more pancake-y and these are more “puffy”, both good just different.SGCC – These are tasty and easy!Deborah – Thanks!Forkful – Yes, it can be the dilemma. Sometime I choose syrup, jam, honey or just go savory and make it wasy!Aran – I truthfully have no idea what yorksire pudding is! I am sorry!Cara – These are not as bready as popovers (from what i remember, it has been a long time!).Lynn – These are fun and delicious!Suzanna – Yes, i cannot usually stop at one!Amy – These are a treat and I enjoy jam with them.Medena – You are welcome! Homemade jam would be delicious with these. Maria – Sorry! They do collapse and do not stay puffed for too long out of the oven.

  16. Emiline says:

    I like the the name, Nun’s Puffs. It’s fun. I think I could eat about 6 of those, because they look so good. Or more.

  17. Jaime says:

    huh…how neat! funny how they deflate like that

  18. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) says:

    So these are a bit like popovers? They have that same drama! I think they’d be wonderful to sop up gravy from a stew.

  19. Madam Chow says:

    These look wonderful, almost like an odd little popover. I like the idea of the savory puffs!

  20. Brilynn says:

    Those look great and would be wonderful to bring to any table.

  21. Bellini Valli says:

    I am hopeless at making Yorkshire Pudding so maybe the savory version of these would work for me…I’ll be sure to give it a try:D

  22. eatme_delicious says:

    Ooo yum these look like the Yorkshire puddings my mom makes.

  23. Gretchen Noelle says:

    Emiline – Yes, I must have others to share them with otherwise I would eat them all!Jaime – They are fun to make and eat!Lydia – I have truthfully never made a popover and don’t know if I have eaten one or not! Ha!Madam Chow – Thanks! The savory ones are delicious!Brilynn – Yes, thanks!Bellini Valli – Please do, they are tasty!Ashley – I have never seen nor eaten yorkshire pudding, those comments are making me intrigued!

  24. Dana says:

    These looks so good! Part popover…part aebleskiver…soooo good!

  25. Karen says:

    Beautiful photos! These look great!

  26. Gretchen Noelle says:

    Dana – They were tasty! Oh, but what I would give for a bit of abelskiver right now! Yum!Karen – Thanks!

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