Thanksgiving Twofer Pie [TWD]

Gretchen Noelle

My love of food was cultivated early on by my family but has come alive while living in Peru. During the 12 years of living in Lima, Peru, I have also enjoyed numerous trips to other areas of the country. Here on Provecho Peru you will find Peruvian recipes in English, American favorites prepared overseas, news about Peruvian Cuisine and interesting tidbits about life in Peru.

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11 Responses

  1. Snooky doodle says:

    yummy what a nice pie 🙂

  2. gail says:

    My idea of a perfect dinner is one that ends with a variety of desserts. I am sure that your many guests walked away from the table quite happy and satisfied. I, for one, would definitely have asked for a heaping slice of the twofer pie.

  3. Cakelaw says:

    Hi Gretechen, your pie looks marvellous. From my perspective, it was a good move to substitute the pie crust – I found it difficult to work with.

  4. Bellini Valli says:

    I have seen this Twofer pie all over the blogosphere. It is really tempting me to make it for the holidays!!

  5. Kim says:

    The pie looks wonderful, rich and ooey gooey! No wonder it was a hit.

  6. natalia says:

    It must have been a wonderful dinner !!!

  7. BakingLikeBetty says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving…the more the merrier!! I love your pie, the photos look wonderful! I have also seen some other posts that I will want to try in the future! Great blog!

  8. Liz says:

    Looks beautiful! I like to do my pecan and pumpkin pies with a tart dough instead of a pie dough–I think it’s better with a crisp crust than a flaky crust–so I think your version sounds wonderful!

  9. pinkstripes says:

    What a fun Thanksgiving! I love big unplanned gatherings. I’m glad the twofer was a hit. I loved this recipe.

  10. Jasmine says:

    Great looking pie! You’re so lucky to share your table and your culinary creations with your peruvian friends. Everytime I read your stories I wish I was there too! Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to realize how lucky we all are. You particularly ; )

  1. November 2, 2014

    […] have made pies. Fruit pies, cream pies, pumpkin pies, even pies in the form of cupcakes! But I can tell you with all honesty, I had never really found […]

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