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Happy Pisco Sour Day!

Pisco Sour Cupcake

In Peru, the Pisco Sour holds it’s own. The first Saturday in February is set apart to taste, honor and celebrate the Pisco Sour. And here, we celebrate Pisco Sour Day with the creation of a Pisco Sour Cupcake!

Pisco Sour Cupcakes 3Pisco Sour Cupcakes 5What is Pisco Sour? The infamous Peruvian cocktail was inspired by the Whisky Sour and introduced in a bar in downtown Lima. Twenty years ago, it was a novelty but today, people all over Peru enjoyed a Pisco Sour or one of the many variations.

Pisco Sour Cupcakes 1

The classic recipe involves shaking ice, fresh squeezed key lime juice, Pisco, sugar syrup and an egg white in a cocktail mixer. The sweet, tart, Pisco flavored cocktail was the inspiration for the Pisco Sour Cupcake. Just like one Pisco Sour is just not enough, neither will just one cupcake be!

Pisco Sour Cupcakes 2

Click here for the Pisco Sour Cupcake recipe!



3 Responses to “Happy Pisco Sour Day!”

  1. My Peruvian Pisco has been delivered and I am super excited about making these cupcakes this weekend!

    Posted by Monica Montalvo-Beshears | April 18, 2012, 11:04 am


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