Chilcano de Carachama

Gretchen Noelle

My love of food was cultivated early on by my family but has come alive while living in Peru. During the 12 years of living in Lima, Peru, I have also enjoyed numerous trips to other areas of the country. Here on Provecho Peru you will find Peruvian recipes in English, American favorites prepared overseas, news about Peruvian Cuisine and interesting tidbits about life in Peru.

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3 Responses

  1. I LOVE this! What a treat to have this experience. But I agree with you, I don’t think I could stomach this meal first thing in the morning. Those fish look so cool though. Thank you for sharing this story….

  1. March 26, 2012

    […] by some of the fish he caught. He dropped off less than a dozen carachama, an armored catfish. These were boiled to make a broth based soup, Chilcano. For breakfast. Oh, and the best part was that one of my fish still had the egg sack inside. And […]

  2. January 10, 2013

    […] a bartender in Chilca with the last name of Cano, thus creating the “Chil-Cano.” The “Chilcano” soup was something eaten long before the drink was created and is said to be a great hangover […]

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