Expo Cafe Peru 2013 // Peruvian Coffee Fair 2013

Expo Cafe Peru 2013Practically on the heels of Mistura 2013, the doors opened for the Expo Cafe Peru 2013, a sort of Mistura of coffee. The weekend was a wonderful gathering of growers and brewers alike.

Agro Rio Negro had an eclectic stand full of treats from the jungle. Aside from coffee, they had chocolate, pisco, decorations and even a clear coffee liqueur.

Amazonica Gourmet had a beautiful display of coffee beans and was offering packaged coffee beans for sale. They also offer products made from cacao.

Expo Cafe Peru 2013

APC Junarp sells untoasted coffee beans, toasted coffee beans, and raw cane sugar in the Chiclayo region.

Expo Cafe Peru 2013

Bisetti had an incredible chemistry-like process for making coffee that left me curious about the taste. Besides coffee, they also sell machinery for coffee production.

Cafe Britt offers gourmet coffee and chocolates in some Lima grocery stores as well as the Jorge Chavez airport.

Expo Cafe Peru 2013

Cafe Kuntu was offering not only coffee beans but innovative alfajores made with ground coffee beans!

Expo Cafe Peru 2013

Café Vidurrizaga was offered at the stand for Cafe Villa Rica, where they had both toasted and untoasted coffee.

Expo Cafe Peru 2013

Central Cafe & Cacao produces coffee in the Lima region. Their corner stand with the chocolate fountain was a hit at the Expo and attracted lots of visitors!

Expo Cafe Peru 2013

Central Cocla produces both coffee and chocolate. They had an impressive stand at the Expo Cafe Peru which gave visitors a glimpse into the many stages of coffee production as well as ways to prepare coffee.

Expo Cafe Peru 2013

Ceprocec was offering coffee direct from Calca in Cusco. They had an interesting coffee contraption where the coffee would be poured into the bottom and not covered in any way, but when they turned it over, nothing spilled out!

Chanchamayo Highland Coffee offered quite a number of products including jams, juices, liquors, and many more.

Expo Cafe Peru 2013

Dolceba was offering both coffee beans as well as prepared coffees to enjoy at the Expo Cafe Peru.

Hercafe is a family producer of organic highland coffee beans from the Oxapampa region.

Expo Cafe Peru 2013

Jackman Goods offers Tres Llamas coffee. They are run by a Peruvian-Australian duo who is bringing coffee from Jaen to tables around the world. They are looking to sell the coffee in Peru shortly.

Mishasho Cafe was an eclectic pair offering coffee which had been processed because the eating of the coati animal. Such a strange idea!

Expo Cafe Peru 2013

Oro Verde coffee was being made as we walked by and we were able to see the process of how they prepared it. At the same booth, I found the Amazona Chocolate that was at the Choco Expo in Mistura 2013.

Expo Cafe Peru 2013

Pangoa offered coffee, chocolate and other items made from cacao along with a regional honey all produced in the area of San Martin de Pangoa.

Expo Cafe Peru 2013

Valentini Cafe was not only offering coffee, but also baked goods and handmade textiles. It was probably the best decorated display at the Expo Cafe Peru.

Expo Cafe Peru 2013

Yaw Hola Chocolate was a surprise to see at the Expo Cafe Peru after learning about them at Mistura 2013. They have a delicious, innovative variety of chocolates that are ABSOLUTELY worth trying!


There were so many more incredible producers and distributors of coffee and coffee products. Don’t miss out on Expo Cafe Peru 2014!

Gretchen Noelle

My love of food was cultivated early on by my family but has come alive while living in Peru. During the 12 years of living in Lima, Peru, I have also enjoyed numerous trips to other areas of the country. Here on Provecho Peru you will find Peruvian recipes in English, American favorites prepared overseas, news about Peruvian Cuisine and interesting tidbits about life in Peru.

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