Author: Gretchen Noelle

coffee cocktail 2

Holiday Pisco Coffee Cocktail

The Holiday Pisco Coffee Cocktail is a delicious mix of milk, coffee, and Pisco with enough sweetness to bring you joy and enough Pisco to bring a punch.

shambar bean soup 1

Shambar Bean Soup

Shambar is a Peruvian bean soup from Trujillo that combines beans, grains, meats, and peppers into a hearty, delicious meal, served on Mondays.

christmas dinner 0

Christmas Dinner 2014

Christmas is only a couple days gone and the leftovers are still getting eaten here. Everything was delicious and we had a terrific Nochebuena and delicious Christmas dinner.

yellow rice 0

Peruvian Yellow Rice

Peruvian Yellow Rice is a delicious golden-colored rice with a bit of sweet raisins in every bite. Perfect for holidays, special days, or any day.

Peruvian Hot Chocolate 7

Peruvian Hot Chocolate

Peruvian Hot Chocolate is made rich by the blend of three different types of milk, made chocolatey with Latin chocolate and cocoa powder.