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Whole Wheat Flour // Harina de Trigo

Whole Wheat Flour // Harina de Trigo

Q – Where do you buy whole wheat flour? A – Although there are flours of so many things, this one is not found at the grocery store in Peru.

Kaniwa // Canihua

Andean Grains: Cañihua

Articles show up month after month advertising superfoods, power foods, the top 10 foods to eat this year and so forth. The delicious grain of quinoa has shown up on these lists for some time now. Of course, it should! Quinoa is a delicious seed, packed with nutrition and delicious in so many wonderful foods. […]

Membrillo // Quince

Membrillo // Quince

Although not used in a multitude of recipes in Peru, the quince makes an appearance now and then. The quince is grown on trees and is related to apples and pears. You would suppose that even just by looking at it! The fruit is usually yellow to green on the outside, covered by a layer […]

Zapallo Macre Squash

Zapallo Macre // Macre Winter Squash

Why is it that we seem fascinated by things that are miniature or jumbo. If something is “normal” sized, it just does not receive as much attention. How many times have I bought something that was extra small or strangely enormous…just because it was that size? Oh how the market has grown for things like […]


Cusqueña Beer

On the first of October in the year of 1908, a group of men including Ernesto Gunther, founded La Cervecera Alemana, in the city of Cusco. This company would go on to produce the Premium Cusqueña beers. Just over 30 years later, the company dropped the “German” in their name and adopted a name which […]


Annona // Sugar Apple

My husband treasures so many things about the jungle he grew up in. One of his favorites is the Annona fruit. The Annona fruit is from the same family as both the Cherimoya and Soursop, or Guanabana. However there are some slight differences between the varieties of the Annonaceae family. The fruit called Annona (Annona squamosa) here in […]

Tree Tomato Fruit

Tree Tomato // Sachatomate

An egg shaped fruit has haunted me for many years. I have seen it on many occasions but have never been brave enough to buy it. It resides in the shelves with other fruits, but it has the word tomato in its name. The confusion that a tomato fruit caused me was enough to cause […]

Aji Charapita

Aji Charapita

Q – “What are these?” A – “Little yellow fire balls!”

cocona fruit


Q – “Isn’t that a persimmon?” A – “They are distantly related to persimmons, but are not the same.”

baking soda

Baking Soda // Bicarbonato de Sodio

Q – “I can’t find baking soda anywhere!” A – “You are looking in the wrong place.”


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