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streusel topped passionfruit bars

Streusel Topped Passionfruit Bars

Streusel Topped Passionfruit Bars are a delicious balance between tart and sweet. They will be devoured at any party or gathering you bring them to!

extra fudgy brownies

Extra Fudgy Brownies [BWJ]

Chocolate Fudge baked up as a brownie…what could be sweeter!

Hungarian Shortbread

Hungarian Shortbread

This was a delicious combination of soft and sweet and I loved every bite. This would be a great dough to have on hand in your freezer and when company comes by, you could grate, bake, smear, grate, bake, serve. Then, smile.

chocolate mint brownies

Mint Layer Brownies

These will be quite a hit with guests who will love the contrast between the dark chocolate and sweet mint layer. Normally I don’t use box mixes but I did this time! If you are inclined, bake brownies from scratch.

South American Chocolate Brownies

South American Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate and coffee have never made a better pair than with these delicious brownies!

Snickery Squares

Snickery Squares [TWD]

Rumor has it that when my mother was pregnant with me, she asked my father to bring her a Snickers bar every afternoon on his lunch break. It was all she craved. I grew up watching my mom eat an occasional Snickers bar. It never interested me much. I preferred peanut butter cups and Twix […]


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