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Malaya Dorada

Malaya Dorada // Peruvian Skirt Steak

Malaya Dorada is a simple, flavorful dish. The meat literally falls apart and pairs perfectly with potatoes or rice. 

Seco de Res // Cilantro Beef Stew

When asked my favorite dish in Peru, without hesitation, I explain that there are favorites in each region, but that Seco is indeed my favorite Criolla dish.

beef mushroom gravy

Beef with Mushroom Gravy

Who doesn’t enjoy having a good meal and extra time on their hands? Yeah, I like that too!

Res a la Cerveza Negra // Dark Beer Braised Ribs

Res a la Cerveza Negra // Dark Beer Braised Ribs

If you are looking for a stew rich in flavor, this is a top choice! The short ribs are braised in a dark beer sauce for enough time to make them soft and tender. You could use a different cut of beef if you prefer.

Rocoto Relleno

Rocoto Relleno // Stuffed Peruvian Death Peppers

Rocotos are known for a delicious appetizer or meal when they are bathed, stuffed and baked to perfection. The vinegar & sugar bath calms the heat. A little. The stuffing has another kind of Peruvian pepper, sprinkled with cheese then topped with its lid. Can you handle the heat?

Guiso de Carne // Peruvian Beef Stew II

What a delicious stew to serve on a chilly fall day! This is a deliciously seasoned sauce that the beef stews in for enough time to make it melt in your mouth tender.

Estofado Norteño de Carne

Estofado Norteño de Carne // Northern Peru Beef Stew

Sometimes it seems all recipes are considered stew, but Estofado Norteño de Carne is one that seems to stand out to me. I think it is the splash of vinegar in the marinade. Nevertheless, this is a delicious stew that I enjoy making for visitors and family alike!

Asado con Pure // Roast Beef with Mashed Potatoes

Comfort food is always important in any country. This dish is one of the many I consider comfort foods here in Peru. It is typically made with a minimal amount of reconstituted mushrooms, but I find the sauce delicious with a lot of fresh mushrooms added to it, sometimes sliced, sometimes chopped.

WHB: Sri Lankan Beef Dinner

For the longest time, I have looked for an explanation of what “palillo” is. It is a spice and coloring agent that is commonly used in Peruvian cooking. I typically replace turmeric and saffron with palillo simply for costs reasons. Palillo has been said to be the Peruvian Saffron and seems to be much more […]


Years ago, I discovered I enjoyed cooking. It was like cheap therapy for me. Chopping helped soothe my frustrations, measuring occupied my mind and creating helped to satisfy something within me. Around the same time, a good friend began to teach me how to play the guitar on Wednesday nights and in exchange, I cooked […]


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