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Uchucuta // Andes Hot Sauce

Uchucuta // Andean Hot Sauce

On many visits to the Andes mountains, I enjoyed the simple foods and the delicious spicy sauces that were served. There was just a different taste and texture to the sauce there.

Aji de Mani // Peanut Chile Sauce

Aji de Mani // Peanut Chile Sauce

There is something truly delicious about the marriage between peanuts and hot peppers. While we enjoy a variety of stews that offer this combination, it is wonderful to have the flavors in a simple dipping sauce. Use this with potatoes or other vegetables to give them a subtle kick.

cocona charapa salsa

Aji de Cocona // Cocona Charapita Salsa

The aji charapita peppers can be smashed and served in a regular aji mixture of pepper, lime, salt and oil. But, a true jungle preparation of these spicy peppers also includes cocona, a refreshing fruit to balance the spice!

Salsa de Rocoto // Rocoto Hot Sauce

Salsa de Rocoto // Rocoto Sauce

My preference is almost always to add a aji sauce that is made from a blend of many ingredients – the cheese and cracker additions always mean yummier! Sometimes though a simple spice is all that is needed; one that doesn’t take away from the complexity of the actual food. Here is a quick and […]



So often we search for the reddest, ripest rocotos to make aji sauces and I love that this blended sauce uses the green rocoto pepper. Some may think that the green ones are much more mild, but for me, this is a wonderful mixture of spice! Serve with meals or stir a spoonful into your […]

Tree Tomato Hot Sauce

Aji de Tomate de Arbol // Tree Tomato Hot Sauce

A favorite hot sauce of mine and many others! This is a delicious blend of fruit and hot peppers. It packs a punch and is delicious accompanying any sort of meal. This is the “aji” that most of our visitors remember!

Salsa Criolla

Normally, you don’t think of just plain onions for a salad. But these are definitely not “just plain” onions! This is an onion salad mixture that is served with quite a variety of appetizers and meals. It is always a great addition to rice & stew as well as on top of tamales!

Papa con Ocopa

Ocopa Sauce

One of my favorite things about the Peruvian kitchen is the use of common items to finish off a dish. So often, this is seen with the addition of saltine crackers to slightly thicken a stew. But, I almost feel like a kid throwing in animal crackers to this delicious sauce.


Some blends of flavors are too incredible to forget. This is one of them. The blend of rocoto for spice and queso fresco for moderation along with the incredible huacatay herb is delicious. This can be served along with your meals or used to spoon on top of potatoes. Enjoy!

papa a la huancaina

Salsa Huancaina // Huancaina Sauce

The origins of Huancaina Sauce are thought to be from Huancayo, Peru. They are famous for their potatoes, both in variety and in quantity. This sauce is most commonly served covering potatoes, but has been known to appear on it’s own to accompany delicious dishes such as Tallarines Verdes and Arroz con Pollo.


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