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Casa del Catador 3

La Casa del Catador Restaurant

After an enjoyable morning visiting the Bodega El Catador, learning all about the production of Peruvian pisco, we had a delicious lunch of Iqueñean food at La Casa del Catador, the adjoining restaurant. 

Don Fernando Gourmet Restaurant 1

Don Fernando Gourmet Restaurant in Ica, Peru

After a visit to a not-so-good and not-worth-mentioning restaurant on our first evening in Ica, we crossed the street to check out a place that had grabbed our attention, Don Fernando Gourmet Restaurant.

dessert medley 2

Dessert Medley – Restaurant Preview!

I have been visiting restaurants around Lima, Peru so that I can give you a glimpse into my recommendations of where you should eat. One dessert in particular continues to stand out in my...

papacho hamburger restaurant 5

Papacho’s Burger Restaurant

In honor of today being National Hamburger Day, I found it only fitting to share my thoughts about the new Hamburger Restaurant in Lima, Peru.

Nací Caliente Restaurante 0

Nací Caliente

It felt like a childhood game. We had a secret code to get through the door of the older house in the colorful district of Jesus Maria. There was no sign over the door...

Buñuelos Arequipa 1

Street Food: Buñuelos from Arequipa

We had just walked up the street to what was supposed to be a tourist attraction. It was marked that way in the guide book. Since we were tourists in another area of Peru,...