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Casa del Catador

La Casa del Catador Restaurant

After an enjoyable morning visiting the Bodega El Catador, learning all about the production of Peruvian pisco, we had a delicious lunch of Iqueñean food at La Casa del Catador, the adjoining restaurant. 

World of Anticuchos at Mistura

Mundo Anticucho // World of Anticuchos at Mistura 2013

Street food is an important part of life in Peru and one of the most popular street foods is Anticuchos, marinated beef heart kabobs. In the World of Anticuchos at Mistura, you will find a variety of traditional and innovative anticuchos. 

Don Fernando Gourmet Restaurant

Don Fernando Gourmet Restaurant in Ica, Peru

After a visit to a not-so-good and not-worth-mentioning restaurant on our first evening in Ica, we crossed the street to check out a place that had grabbed our attention, Don Fernando Gourmet Restaurant.

peru food news square

World’s 50 Best Restaurants

“The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list is an annual snapshot of the opinions and experiences of over 900 international restaurant industry experts.”

huaca pucllana restaurant

Huaca Pucllana Restaurant

Our lunch started at a beautifully decorated table on the patio of the Huaca Pucllana Restaurant.

papacho hamburger restaurant

Papacho’s Burger Restaurant

In honor of today being National Hamburger Day, I found it only fitting to share my thoughts about the new Hamburger Restaurant in Lima, Peru.

Nací Caliente Restaurante

Nací Caliente

It felt like a childhood game. We had a secret code to get through the door of the older house in the colorful district of Jesus Maria. There was no sign over the door and we received the address only when we sent in the payment code. We had preselected our food and were anticipating […]

Buñuelos Arequipa

Street Food: Buñuelos from Arequipa

We had just walked up the street to what was supposed to be a tourist attraction. It was marked that way in the guide book. Since we were tourists in another area of Peru, it was only right that we checked it out.

Canasta Baguetteria

La Canasta Baguetteria

Should you be so fortunate as to visit Arequipa, Peru, don’t miss this adorable & delicious restaurant. It will be worth the hunt!

Egyptian Shwarma in Peru

Street Food: Egyptian Shawarma

Every one of my out of the country trips came with the warning, “Don’t eat the food you find on the street!!” I know that anyone who said that meant well. Their intention was to prevent sickness. You think things that have ben prepared on the street must mean unsanitary conditions and a ticket to […]


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