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Thanksgiving Weekend in Aucayacu

Aucayacu is one of the places we call home. My husband grew up there, we got married there, and we visit several times a year. Instead of serving a traditional Thanksgiving meal here in...

Bodega el Catador 4

Bodega El Catador in Ica, Peru

Pisco is the flagship alcohol of Peru. Wine is made here, but when you think of Peru, you think Pisco. Have you ever considered how Pisco is actually made? After 10 years here, I...

Tacama winery 2

Tacama Winery

Although the region of Ica is not known for it’s wines, one winery does stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Tacama Winery was founded in 1889 when it was bought by the...

Weekend in Ica Lago Huacachina 2

Weekend in Ica, Peru

As the end of the winter is finally coming in Lima and sun is starting to peek through, it was time to escape the gray skies and celebrate the coming of spring by spending...

la confianza hotel 1

La Confianza Hotel

La Confianza Hotel in Catapalla-Lima consists of a collection of wood cottages and bungalows built on an century-old vineyard.

Aucayacu San Juan 4

Experience the Festival of San Juan!!

We have created a special treat for all of you who couldn’t enjoy your very own juane this weekend. Experience the Festival of San Juan in Aucayacu, Peru through this incredible video!

Aucayacu San Juan 0

San Juan Celebration!

The entire town of Aucayacu is bustling during the week of San Juan. There are festivals, parades, car races, soccer games, pageants and contests.

Aucayacu Peru Juanes 5

Juanes Day Preparation

During the week I was in Aucayacu, the community celebrated “Juane Day” on June 24th. The day before was full of preparation in all of the homes in the neighborhood Primero de Mayo.