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Bread with Depth [BBB]

Bread can be bought on just about every street here in Peru. The reality is, the price is rather low for freshly baked bread. If I didn’t enjoy the “making” part of it, I...

Tree Tomato Fruit 21

Tree Tomato // Sachatomate

An egg shaped fruit has haunted me for many years. I have seen it on many occasions but have never been brave enough to buy it. It resides in the shelves with other fruits,...

Chilcano de Carachama 3

Chilcano de Carachama

Something I learned about myself since arriving in Peru is that I am not prone to eating soup or fish for breakfast. My stomach just can’t handle it first thing after waking up. I...

Tres Leches Cake 0

Four Cakes in Four Days!

The lunch wrapped up on a wonderful note. Normally the after-lunch wait begins. Dessert would seem overwhelming to begin at that moment seeing as how everyone would have been too full to enjoy it....

Tres Leches Cake 9

Torta de Tres Leches // Three Milks Cake

One of my complaints about cakes in Peru is that they are “juicy.” If you have eaten one, you know just what I mean. My aversion to wet cakes has always caused me to...

cocona fruit 4


Q – “Isn’t that a persimmon?” A – “They are distantly related to persimmons, but are not the same.”

Soda Bread 22

Irish Soda Bread [BWJ]

Soda breads are not exclusive to Ireland. Soda breads are also found in Serbia, Australia, and Great Britain. The same leavening process is used with pancakes, muffins, quickbreads and so much more.

Pango Lunch 3

Pango! Jungle Lunch in Lima

It is amazing the joy that visitors bring. The way that people’s plans change. The way the impossible becomes possible. The last time the family met together here at our home was for Christmas...