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Uchucuta // Andes Hot Sauce 3

Uchucuta // Andean Hot Sauce

On many visits to the Andes mountains, I enjoyed the simple foods and the delicious spicy sauces that were served. There was just a different taste and texture to the sauce there.

cocona charapa salsa 2

Aji de Cocona // Cocona Charapita Salsa

The aji charapita peppers can be smashed and served in a regular aji mixture of pepper, lime, salt and oil. But, a true jungle preparation of these spicy peppers also includes cocona, a refreshing...

llactan 0


So often we search for the reddest, ripest rocotos to make aji sauces and I love that this blended sauce uses the green rocoto pepper. Some may think that the green ones are much...

Salsa Criolla 0

Salsa Criolla

Normally, you don’t think of just plain onions for a salad. But these are definitely not “just plain” onions! This is an onion salad mixture that is served with quite a variety of appetizers...

Papa con Ocopa 6

Ocopa Sauce

One of my favorite things about the Peruvian kitchen is the use of common items to finish off a dish. So often, this is seen with the addition of saltine crackers to slightly thicken...