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Kaniwa // Canihua 2

Andean Grains: Cañihua

Articles show up month after month advertising superfoods, power foods, the top 10 foods to eat this year and so forth. The delicious grain of quinoa has shown up on these lists for some...

Uchucuta // Andes Hot Sauce 3

Uchucuta // Andean Hot Sauce

On many visits to the Andes mountains, I enjoyed the simple foods and the delicious spicy sauces that were served. There was just a different taste and texture to the sauce there.


Kitchen Visit #4

Almost a year ago, I traveled to a city in the mountains. A group of students were responsible for preparing their meals and had very little resources. One of the most common things to...


Market Mornings #1

One of the things that fascinates me here are the markets. I wish I could spend hour after hour walking through and visiting the many booths, seeing what they are selling. I am in...


Vegetarians Beware, Trip to the Andes III

Sometimes, it blows my mind to see the things I see here in Peru. I wondered if you are surprised too? The carcasses are just hanging out. The skinned head was on the floor...


Traditional Mountain Food

Most Peruvian towns have traditional foods they cook and serve. The last couple of days, I traveled up to a former mining town in the mountains. We were welcomed by the governor of the...


Back From the Andes

My mountain trip has come to an end. After going over mountain passes that reached heights of 4330m (14,200ft), I am happily back on the coast in Lima. I always love traveling to different...