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coffee anise biscochitos

Day Twelve :: Coffee Anise Biscochitos

These cookies didn’t last even a day in our kitchen. You will never believe who ate them all up!

Buñuelos Arequipa

Street Food: Buñuelos from Arequipa

We had just walked up the street to what was supposed to be a tourist attraction. It was marked that way in the guide book. Since we were tourists in another area of Peru, it was only right that we checked it out.

swedish rye bread

Bread with Depth [BBB]

Bread can be bought on just about every street here in Peru. The reality is, the price is rather low for freshly baked bread. If I didn’t enjoy the “making” part of it, I would probably give up making bread altogether. But, I love that you can start with simple ingredients add some elbow grease […]

Swedish Rye Bread

Swedish Rye Bread // Pan de Centeno

As a child, I was never a fan of white bread. Now that I am an adult, I like more than just wheat slices. Bread that has depth of flavor and character is amazing. This is certainly one of those kinds of breads!

Biscotti Picanti

Biscotti Picanti [BBB]

Do you ever pull out recipes that look interesting and different in such a way that you would really like to try them? Do you ever make them or do they sit in the pile of recipe cut outs for an extended period of time? You wonder if you will *really* like the outcome. You […]

Biscotti Picanti

Biscotti Picanti // Sicilian Spicy Rusks

Commonly, biscotti are sweet treats we stir into coffee. These however are a savory, spicy twist on the sweet tradition.


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