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banana cake

Not-Sure-I’ll-Ever-Try-Another Banana Cake Recipe

I’m-Not-Sure-I’ll-Ever-Try-Another Banana Cake Recipe. This was just. that. good. 

banana cinnamon chocolate muffins

Banana Chocolate Cinnamon Streusel Muffins

Do you ever eat dessert for breakfast? I have heard that breakfast is the most important meal and what could be better than starting your day with something sweet, right?

Chocolate Peanut Banana Muffins

Chocolate Peanut Banana Muffins

I love a morning muffin packed full of flavor, and this one absolutely fits the bill! This combines some of my very favorite things: peanut butter and chocolate. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that?!

chocolate banana bread

Chocolate Banana Bread

Bananas and chocolate both come from the jungle here in Peru, so they obviously combine very well together!

Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread

Marbled Chocolate Banana Bread

Bananas are something I am rather familiar with. I have enjoyed many banana breads, cakes, muffins among many other things. Maybe some of you have your go-to banana bread recipe and will never stray far from it. I however make banana baked goods more than once a week and am always trying new recipes! One […]

Banana Cake with Spiced Rum Glazed Plantains

Going Bananas?

Somehow I always seem to have bananas and plantains here. After almost every visit to the jungle, I return with a bunch or with 100 pounds of them (LITERALLY!!!). Sometimes I wonder if this blog should instead be called “Going Bananas!” Whenever I see a banana recipe that looks tasty, I cut it out or […]

Strawberry Banana Pancakes

Banana Split Pancakes?

How many of you are trying to create your quick bread for this month’s Homegrown Gourmet? I want to continue to encourage you to think outside the loaf pan! Remember quick breads technically include pancakes, muffins and other tasty things that rise using chemical leaveners and not yeast. Don’t worry, I too am trying to […]

Baking Bananas!

Guatemalans have a recipe called Platanos al Horno, or Baked Plantains. I had bookmarked the recipe some time ago in the cookbook Extending the Table. The cookbook is such a treasure and I have cooked several recipes from its pages. This particular one was on standby until just the right time. I think now is […]

Marbled Banana Cake

Wonder Full Cakes

The picture caught my eye. I read the post on Baking Bites about Marbled Banana Bundt Cake and was sold. The simplicity of the banana batter along with the chocolate laced throughout the cake was fabulous. Although I had make coffee cake here in Peru, I had never made a marbled cake. Now you must […]


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