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dories upside down cake

Dorie’s Upside Down Cake [BWJ]

I had grand plans with Dorie’s Upside Down Cake. I was going to use it to show off a delicious and interesting fruit from Peru. While it may have looked royal, the cake itself left me wanting.

rustic potato loaves

Rustic Potato Loaves [BWJ]

Rustic Potato Loaves are easy, flavorful bread loaves come from a simple dough made with mashed potatoes, incorporate your favorite herbs or spices.

French Apple Tart [BWJ]

A delicious tart with apple filling and topped with sliced apples. This is a gorgeous fall dessert!

Finnish Pulla [BWJ]

The Finish enjoy this cardamom flavored bread at Christmastime, sliced thin and with coffee. 

extra fudgy brownies

Extra Fudgy Brownies [BWJ]

Chocolate Fudge baked up as a brownie…what could be sweeter!

buttermilk crumb muffins

Yogurt Crumb Muffins [BWJ]

I seem to have fallen into a rhythm of things I make and bake on a regular basis.

upside down pear chiffon cake

Upside Down Pear Chiffon Cake [BWJ]

The sun seems to be fighting it’s way into the bleary winter days. It seems spring is coming soon. Although as these months roll by, I cannot help but feel like fall is just around the corner. Apples, pumpkins, ginger, spice and everything nice is on its way. Nectarines were no where to be found […]

Popovers! [BWJ]

Sometimes food seems magical to me. Marbled cakes look amazing to people who have never made one. Certain stews are made from such a variety of ingredients

Hungarian Shortbread & Maracuya Jam

Disappearing Shortbread [BWJ]

Years ago, shortbread became our staple dessert on nights we didn’t want to dirty up too many dishes. It was quick and simple, flaky and delicious. My roommate even began to buy special shortbread pans where you would press in the dough and when it was cut and flipped out, there would be designs puffed […]

Lemon Loaf Cake

Lime Loaf Cake [BWJ]

I will admit it, I like Starbucks. There are plenty of people who have issues with the large coffee chain and promote the grassroot roaster, the little guy, the corner coffee shop and so on. I think that is terrific. But something I have learned about myself is that I really like consistency. I like […]


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