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Family Birthday Gathering

Cake that is not only delicious with it’s four flavored layers but a gorgeous presentation of colors!


Caramel Cake

After a few savory challenges, I was pleased to see a sweet cake recipe for the month of November. However, many people began to report that it was overly sweet with the combination of...


Caramel Peanut Topped Brownie Cake [TWD]

Sometimes I find it hard for me to dream about things to come. I find it hard to put my hopes and desires into words. Recently, I have been encouraged to “dream again.” I...

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Caramel Topped Flan [TWD]

Most flan recipes that I have made have turned out to be what they call Crema Volteada here in Peru. This recipe is the more traditional flan topped with a homemade caramel syrup.

Snickery Squares 40

Snickery Squares [TWD]

Rumor has it that when my mother was pregnant with me, she asked my father to bring her a Snickers bar every afternoon on his lunch break. It was all she craved. I grew...


Sweet Hearts

You either love to love it or love to hate it, right? Valentine’s Day, I mean. There are people who love to wear red and pink, hand out flowers, bake cakes, make dinner reservations...


Celebrate Good Times…Come On!

Celebrations. I love celebrations. It is always fun to have a reason to celebrate. Yesterday, I celebrated the fact that Peru tied with Brazil. I also celebrated the fact that my friend brought me...


Ham Cupcakes?

When I think of cloves, I think of ham. Sure, I use cloves in a variety of baked goods and even breakfast cereals. But, when the top spins off the top of a bottle...