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Sourdough & Chickpea Onion Stew

Sourdough & Stew from Central Asia [F&F]

What fun it was to be asked to choose the recipes for the first part of May for the Flatbread & Flavors groups! I admit, part of me wanted to suggest the ceviche recipe that is mixed into the Mexican food recipes.

Mediterranean Pizza & Lentil Salad

Mediterranean Pizza & Lentil Bell Pepper Salad [F&F]

I promise, I did make an effort to look for the lamb called for in the recipe this month for the Flatbread & Flavors baking group. My local grocery store flat out said they didn’t have it and a busy week kept me from looking for it anywhere else.

rava dosa, coconut chutney, dahl & cucumber salad

Indian Flavors Bring Back Memories [F&F]

Over 15 years ago, I traveled to India. It was a long airplane flight and I remember the heat and the hundreds of people sleeping on the sides of the road. Their houses had been washed away, destroyed, and they had nowhere else to go.¬†Each day, we were met by incredible heat and overwhelming humidity. […]

Israeli Sesame Rings

{F&F} Sesame Bread Rings

“No, they are not bagels!” That seemed to be the answer to everyone’s question when I pulled these out to share. Only hours before, I committed to myself that sometime this year, I must make bagels. These truly were a close resemblance and only made me miss those delicious breakfast treats more!

Lemongrass, Onion Mixture & Coconut Chicken Curry

{F&F} Coconut Milk Curry Chicken with Coconut Pancakes

When people come to visit for a meal here, a lot of questions have to be asked. I need to know if they are visitors who mus be served true Peruvian food, or if they are they type that will just about anything. In the first category always falls my family. I love to impress […]

Coconut Chicken Curry & Coconut Pancakes

Coconut Milk Chicken Curry

This is a delicious Malaysian mix of cream and spice, starting with a homemade spice mixture.

Homemade Corn Tortillas with Chile Bathed Pork

{F&F} Homemade Corn Tortillas & Chile Bathed Pork

One thing I find about cooking and baking is that I am always more productive when there is someone nearby. They don’t even have to help; sitting and chatting can be the biggest help of all. I am not sure if it takes my mind off of what I am doing or if it just […]


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