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Sopa Serrana // Andean Soup 7

Sopa Serrana // Andean Soup

One thing my husband can do, that I cannot, is eat the same thing repeatedly. If he likes something, he really has no problem with partaking again and again. If we are talking about...

Waldorf Salad 1

Waldorf Salad for Christmas

Waldorf Salad is a delicious combination of tart apples, crisp celery, sweet raisins and crunchy nuts, that can be served for holidays or anytime!

Parmesan Parsley Dressing 20

Parmesan Parsley Dressing

With the lack of prepared & bottled salad dressing, I have grown so accustomed to using fresh squeezed lime juice on my salads that I don’t miss the bottles anymore. But, every so often,...


Weekend Herb Blogging #101

I am always using fresh herbs here in Peru, whether it is to make delicious dishes like Seco de Res, South American Flank Steak or even Tabbouleh Salad. Believe it or not, I have...