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Mistura Aucayaquina Food Expo

Mistura Aucayaquina was presented in Aucayacu last weekend to showcase and offer a variety of foods and products of the area. It is based on Mistura, an annual food expo held in Lima.

Amazon World at Mistura 0

Mundo Amazonico // Amazon World at Mistura 2013

Truly, some of my favorite food is from the jungle of Peru. It has such distinct, delicious flavors which makes it truly unforgettable. Mistura is a wonderful place to try Peruvian jungle food!

Aucayacu San Juan 0

San Juan Celebration!

The entire town of Aucayacu is bustling during the week of San Juan. There are festivals, parades, car races, soccer games, pageants and contests.

Aucayacu Peru Juanes 5

Juanes Day Preparation

During the week I was in Aucayacu, the community celebrated “Juane Day” on June 24th. The day before was full of preparation in all of the homes in the neighborhood Primero de Mayo.

Annona 0

Annona // Sugar Apple

My husband treasures so many things about the jungle he grew up in. One of his favorites is the Annona fruit. The Annona fruit is from the same family as both the Cherimoya and...

Yarina Cocha 12

A to Z in Pucallpa

After a wonderful weeklong visit with my MIL in town and family gatherings galore, she has returned to the jungle. This collection of information about Pucallpa was from the first visit I made to...

Chilcano de Carachama 3

Chilcano de Carachama

Something I learned about myself since arriving in Peru is that I am not prone to eating soup or fish for breakfast. My stomach just can’t handle it first thing after waking up. I...

cocona fruit 4


Q – “Isn’t that a persimmon?” A – “They are distantly related to persimmons, but are not the same.”

Pango Lunch 3

Pango! Jungle Lunch in Lima

It is amazing the joy that visitors bring. The way that people’s plans change. The way the impossible becomes possible. The last time the family met together here at our home was for Christmas...