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Lentil Bell Pepper Salad

Lentil Bell Pepper Salad

For me, the Lentil Bell Pepper Salad was certainly the star of the Mediterranean meal this past month. It was not only flavorful but also incredibly nutrient rich!

rava dosa, coconut chutney, dahl & cucumber salad

Indian Flavors Bring Back Memories [F&F]

Over 15 years ago, I traveled to India. It was a long airplane flight and I remember the heat and the hundreds of people sleeping on the sides of the road. Their houses had been washed away, destroyed, and they had nowhere else to go. Each day, we were met by incredible heat and overwhelming humidity. […]

dahl // indian lentils

Dahl // Indian Spiced Lentils

Lentils are one of my favorite menestras, not just because they taste good but also because they are quick to make, unlike so many other beans which required overnight soaking and long hours of simmering. This is a delicious way to prepare lentils.

Ginger Curry Chicken with Lentils

Ginger Curry Chicken with Lentils

This recipe incorporates some of my favorite flavors and sounded absolutely delicious. Oh, and I was not disappointed! Really, this was delicious and definitely something I will make again. Are you in fall weather and need a tasty stew to warm you up? Make this! Again and again.

Imparting Flavor

My day was full of unexpected twists today. Through a series of circumstances, I was reminded that sometimes we go through difficult things in our lives so that we learn things. I have seen this before in my life and today was reminded of this very lesson. The difficult circumstances help us to learn, help […]

Tomato Lentil Soup

Tomato Lentil Soup

Lentils are a large part of the vegetarian diet due to their high protein content. So I hear. They are commonly combined with a grain such as rice to form a complete protein (a protein containing all essential amino acids). Apart from protein, lentils are beneficial due to their dietary fiber, vitamin B1 and minerals […]


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