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vanilla chocolate caramel cake

Family Birthday Gathering

Cake that is not only delicious with it’s four flavored layers but a gorgeous presentation of colors!

peruvian manjar rose bread

Peruvian Rose Bread [BBB]

This month we are celebrating World Food Day, World Hunger Day and the Seventh Annual World Bread Day by baking together all around the world!

Chocolate Manjar Bundt Cake

Chocolate Manjar Bundt Cake

I feel like I have been leading you astray. I have been repeatedly sharing salad after salad and other nutritious bits. I fear I am giving you the impression that sweets aren’t part of our regular diet. Er, I mean, something we enjoy on occasion. Every Christmas, the stores stock up on bars of chocolate […]

Manjar de Garbanzo // Sweet Hummus

Hummus is a delicious Middle Eastern puree of garbanzo beans, seasoned with sesame and other flavors like garlic, lime and spice. What happens when you take out the savory and add the sweet? A delicious dessert spread that would be a wonderful dip for fruit or spread for toast.

Alfajores // Shortbread Caramel Sandwiches

One of my favorite desserts has always been the alfajor. These are cookies sandwiches made from two layers of shortbread with delicious Peruvian caramel tucked in between.

Bolas de Manjar y Mani // Peanut Caramel Bites

Attending a party soon? These are a great treat to whip up! Easy to make, easy to take! Everyone is sure to love the sweet and salty combination.

Caramel Cake

After a few savory challenges, I was pleased to see a sweet cake recipe for the month of November. However, many people began to report that it was overly sweet with the combination of the cake a frosting. Generally in Peru, the cakes are not overly sweet and I worried about the cake being eaten […]

Bolas de Manjar y Mani // Peanut Caramel Bites

Bolas de Manjar y Mani // Peanut Caramel Bites

Visiting others in their homes is an important part of friendship and relationship here in Peru, and maybe much of Latin America. It is not uncommon to have people drop by for a few minutes or a few hours. Typically I have something freshly baked to offer and occasionally I have to run down to […]

Snickery Squares

Snickery Squares [TWD]

Rumor has it that when my mother was pregnant with me, she asked my father to bring her a Snickers bar every afternoon on his lunch break. It was all she craved. I grew up watching my mom eat an occasional Snickers bar. It never interested me much. I preferred peanut butter cups and Twix […]


Sweet Hearts

You either love to love it or love to hate it, right? Valentine’s Day, I mean. There are people who love to wear red and pink, hand out flowers, bake cakes, make dinner reservations and so on and so on. And then there are people who despise a day which celebrates love and romance. They […]


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