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passionfruit torte 1

Passionfruit Torte

The taste of passionfruit in a cake is delicious and the taste of this torte is unforgettable. If you are able to find passionfruit in your area, you will not regret baking this up...

maracuya puree 1

Passionfruit Puree

Most people seem to be surprised when I say I don’t have any trace of seeds in the passionfruit juice I make. Here is the secret!

Hungarian Shortbread 2

Hungarian Shortbread

This was a delicious combination of soft and sweet and I loved every bite. This would be a great dough to have on hand in your freezer and when company comes by, you could grate,...

{DB} French Yule Log 72

{DB} French Yule Log

I admit that the reason I joined the Daring Bakers was to be challenged month after month with baked goods that I would never dream of tackling on my own. Some months I have...


Passionfruit Opera Cake

Upon seeing the recipe choice this month, I was ecstatic! I had seen Opera cakes in the bakery at the store, but I have never tasted one. Not only was I going to make...