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eggnog snickerdoodles

Day Ten :: Eggnog Snickerdoodles

A tasty holiday version of the infamous snickerdoodle.

Pizza Rustica

Rustic Surprise [BWJ]

There are those moments when you look at a recipe and it is almost as if the Hallelujah chorus breaks out – you know you have found the one!

Wine Cake [SHF]

I was incredibly pleased when my sister called about a week ago to inform me that she had bought a few more baking pans and would be attempting a batch of brownies (from a box). Just days before I had rearranged things in her small apartment kitchen. She told me the flour was the same […]

Baking Bananas!

Guatemalans have a recipe called Platanos al Horno, or Baked Plantains. I had bookmarked the recipe some time ago in the cookbook Extending the Table. The cookbook is such a treasure and I have cooked several recipes from its pages. This particular one was on standby until just the right time. I think now is […]

Lovely Layers

Sure, World Bread Day 07 has come and gone, but I at times I wonder if it is bread day in my house every day! I love breads of all kinds. I remember eating biscuits when I was younger. They were always drop biscuits, like little bumps on the baking sheet. They were always made […]


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