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peanut chicken salad

Peanut Chicken Salad

Peanut Chicken Salad is a delicious combination of flavors using brown rice as it’s base. I am certain that cooked quinoa would be equally as delicious. 

Quinoa Gouda and Arugula Salad

Quinoa Gouda and Arugula Salad

The Quinoa Gouda and Arugula Salad is a nutritious and delicious balance of flavor and texture. It is a perfect summer party salad that is easy to make!

arequipa soltero salad

Soltero Arequipeño // Arequipan “Bachelor” Salad

Once upon a time, salad meant iceberg lettuce, bacon bits and ranch dressing from a bottle. Today, salad means so much more to me.

roasted chicken w polenta & mushrooms

Roasted Chicken with Polenta & Mushrooms

It is true. I have a thing about mushrooms. I add them to beef, to pizza, to omelettes and even soups. Really, we have a delicious connection. And I am not willing to let go. 

turkey chipotle chili

Turkey Chipotle Chili

There are certain things that are always packed into my suitcase when traveling from Peru to the States. Things I feel as though I can’t live without for the weeks or months I will be there.

Quinoa con Chancho // Peruvian Quinoa Pork Stew

Quinoa con Chancho // Peruvian Pork Quinoa Stew

I greatly admire and respect Gaston Acurio. He has taken Peruvian cuisine to a worldwide recognition, but is the first to encourage the creativity and ambition in others. One thing that I both enjoy and feel challenged by are the “recipes” he posts on his Facebook page. He gives a list of ingredients, some indication […]

Arroz a la Jardinera // Peruvian Garden Rice

Arroz a la Jardinera // Peruvian Garden Rice

Although simple garlic seasoned white rice is the most common meal accompaniment here in Peru, I am intrigued by the variety of rice dishes that are commonly on the table for special celebrations.

Swiss Chard Salad

Swiss Chard Salad

I am not sure about you but there are times when a recipe or a food idea catches my eye and I cannot seem to get it out of my head. Do you do that? Given that our winter is coming to an end here and there are days when the sun peeks out, I […]

Sourdough & Chickpea Onion Stew

Sourdough & Stew from Central Asia [F&F]

What fun it was to be asked to choose the recipes for the first part of May for the Flatbread & Flavors groups! I admit, part of me wanted to suggest the ceviche recipe that is mixed into the Mexican food recipes.

Guiso de Pollo y Papa // Chicken Potato Stew

Guiso de Pollo y Papa // Chicken Potato Stew

It is always important to know how to make a quick meal from scratch and this is one of the quickest Peruvian stews I prepare on a regular basis. These are all ingredients I have on hand, nearly at all times.


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