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sopa seca

Sopa Seca // Peruvian Criollo Pasta

Sopa Seca is a traditional dish found in Chincha, Ica. The name of the dish literally means “dry soup” which doesn’t sound very appetizing. However, the dish is actually a delicious pasta dish made with dry noodles, chicken, vegetables and spices.

Sopa de Frejoles // Peruvian Bean Soup

A favorite soup in our home! This is a delicious blend of flavors and textures. Be sure to prepare the yucca, plantain and sweet potato to serve along with the soup – you won’t regret it!


Menestron // Peruvian Minestrone Soup

Menestron is a hearty soup, filled with a variety of beans and vegetables. Although different from the Italian Minestrone soup many are accustomed to, this version is unforgettable. Don’t forget the canchita or aji sauce!

Tallarines Verdes // Peruvian Pesto

Tallarines Verdes // Peruvian Pesto

This is a delicious version of pesto sauce that is traditional here in Peru. I love the flavor and think it is a delicious representation of Peruvian ingredients for a commonly eaten sauce. The queso fresco makes the sauce a bit creamy, which is slightly different than the traditional Italian pesto.

Sopa a la Minuta // Minute Soup

Before “instant soup” existed in Peru, cooks would make minute soup – which was ready in just minutes because of the small amounts of ingredients and thin noodles. Often, we make this to fit our preferences by using different noodles and offering the milk to add to you own bowl, if desired.


Years ago, I discovered I enjoyed cooking. It was like cheap therapy for me. Chopping helped soothe my frustrations, measuring occupied my mind and creating helped to satisfy something within me. Around the same time, a good friend began to teach me how to play the guitar on Wednesday nights and in exchange, I cooked […]

Chicken Tettrazini

Chicken Tetrazzini [WHB]

While often thought of as a vegetable and prepared like one, mushrooms are actually a fungus, a special type of living organism that has no roots, leaves, flowers or seeds. Mushrooms were once regarded by the Egyptian pharaohs as a food that should only be consumed by royalty. Mushrooms are a food that are gathered […]

Giant Meatballs

Decisions, Decisions

When I was younger, I remember eating at several fast food restaurants. Carl’s Jr. had those crinkle French fries, Arby’s had a great turkey sandwich, KFC had biscuits that I drenched with butter and honey. I never had such great memories of Burger King. Sure, Burger King had the Whopper, Jr. which was always better […]


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