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Peru Food News: Weekly Round-Up

What is happening in the culinary world in Peru? Great question! Here at Provecho Peru, we keep you up to date on Peru Food News – both news about food in Peru and Peruvian food around the world.

Aucayacu San Juan

Experience the Festival of San Juan!!

We have created a special treat for all of you who couldn’t enjoy your very own juane this weekend. Experience the Festival of San Juan in Aucayacu, Peru through this incredible video!

Egyptian Shwarma in Peru

Street Food: Egyptian Shawarma

Every one of my out of the country trips came with the warning, “Don’t eat the food you find on the street!!” I know that anyone who said that meant well. Their intention was to prevent sickness. You think things that have ben prepared on the street must mean unsanitary conditions and a ticket to […]

Pisco Sour Cupcake

Happy Pisco Sour Day!

In Peru, the Pisco Sour holds it’s own. The first Saturday in February is set apart to taste, honor and celebrate the Pisco Sour. And here, we celebrate Pisco Sour Day with the creation of a Pisco Sour Cupcake!

Peruvian Pollada 7

Community Kitchen // Peruvian Pollada

One of the things my husband is most proud of here in Peru is the resourcefulness of the people. The games they played as kids did not require a $300 console; the gifts they give are more often from the heart than from the wallet and everyone seems to have “invented” something.

Peruvian Hot Sauces

The Story Behind Provecho Peru

My adventure into foodblogs happened a bit by accident and a bit on purpose. I don’t remember the how of how I happened upon the website Orangette, but I sat and read her stories and recipes for hours, night after night. It seemed like a dessert that I just couldn’t get enough of. I was beyond […]

aji amarillo & Rocoto

Aji // Chili Pepper

Q – What is “aji” exactly?  A – Aji is the name given in Spanish speaking South America to spicy peppers.

Number Three

Out of the 10 food trends for 2009, this is the only one you need to read: 3. Peruvian is the new Thai You thought Peruvian cuisine was all about seviche, maybe? Guess again: Peru boasts culinary influences from Spanish, Basque, African, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, and British immigrants. Pisco Sour, anyone? Stay tuned…

South American Chocolate Brownies

South American Chocolate Brownies

Chocolate and coffee have never made a better pair than with these delicious brownies!


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