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Holiday Pisco Coffee Cocktail

The Holiday Pisco Coffee Cocktail is a delicious mix of milk, coffee, and Pisco with enough sweetness to bring you joy and enough Pisco to bring a punch.

Bodega el Catador 4

Bodega El Catador in Ica, Peru

Pisco is the flagship alcohol of Peru. Wine is made here, but when you think of Peru, you think Pisco. Have you ever considered how Pisco is actually made? After 10 years here, I...

Tacama winery 2

Tacama Winery

Although the region of Ica is not known for it’s wines, one winery does stand out head and shoulders above the rest. Tacama Winery was founded in 1889 when it was bought by the...

Piscos & Piqueos El Comercio 0

Piscos and Piqueos in El Comercio

The distribution of Piscos and Piqueos began with today’s edition of the El Comercio newspaper. The entire set will be made up of recipes of appetizers and drinks.