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Pango Lunch

Pango! Jungle Lunch in Lima

It is amazing the joy that visitors bring. The way that people’s plans change. The way the impossible becomes possible. The last time the family met together here at our home was for Christmas – and oh! what an event that was! But this weekend, a visit from my mother in law not only brought […]

Banana Cake with Spiced Rum Glazed Plantains

Going Bananas?

Somehow I always seem to have bananas and plantains here. After almost every visit to the jungle, I return with a bunch or with 100 pounds of them (LITERALLY!!!). Sometimes I wonder if this blog should instead be called “Going Bananas!” Whenever I see a banana recipe that looks tasty, I cut it out or […]

Sweet and Simple

Don’t you worry now!! I haven’t forgotten that it is still banana week…or month, depending on how fast I can get through the rest of this pile of platanos. I am not sure I can eat, or even see, bananas without thinking of the jungle and all of my friends there! During the several trips […]

Banana Ball Soup?

“Tienes aji?” was my catchphrase throughout my trip to Ecuador last year. In every restaurant, I asked if they had hot pepper sauce. It is not that I eat everything spicy, but I do eat things with lots of flavor. Some of the Ecuadorian dishes were delicious; for example, the yapingachos, a fried potato and […]

Baking Bananas!

Guatemalans have a recipe called Platanos al Horno, or Baked Plantains. I had bookmarked the recipe some time ago in the cookbook Extending the Table. The cookbook is such a treasure and I have cooked several recipes from its pages. This particular one was on standby until just the right time. I think now is […]


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