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sweet polenta spirals

Day Seven :: Sweet Polenta Spirals

Sometimes it is great to break tradition when it means something as delicious as these!

roasted chicken w polenta & mushrooms

Roasted Chicken with Polenta & Mushrooms

It is true. I have a thing about mushrooms. I add them to beef, to pizza, to omelettes and even soups. Really, we have a delicious connection. And I am not willing to let go. 

Grain Muffins

Full of Grain Muffins

Everyone seemed intrigued with the muffins. They began to ask about one in particular that accompanied the Breakfast Casserole. As I named the many ingredients that were packed into these bites of deliciousness, I seemed to evoke a great deal of laughter. But why?

Buttermilk Cornbread

Moist delicious cornbread, perfect to accompany a bowl of hot, spicy chili!

Polenta & Ricotta Cake

Polenta and Ricotta Cake [TWD]

When I think of cake, I definitely think of flavors like chocolate, lemon and the like. But after learning to love polenta here in Peru (I will tell you the love story later this week!) I just knew before I even started out that I was going to love this cake. I can say that […]

Strawberry Banana Pancakes

Banana Split Pancakes?

How many of you are trying to create your quick bread for this month’s Homegrown Gourmet? I want to continue to encourage you to think outside the loaf pan! Remember quick breads technically include pancakes, muffins and other tasty things that rise using chemical leaveners and not yeast. Don’t worry, I too am trying to […]

Monthly Mingle – Grandma’s Stuffing

Growing up, Thanksgiving always held a special place in my heart. Although we should be thankful day after day, at least there is one day that reminds us that we are to give thanks in all we do! I am thankful for many things, but above all I am thankful to God for giving me […]


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