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Arroz a la Jardinera // Peruvian Garden Rice

Arroz a la Jardinera // Peruvian Garden Rice

Although simple garlic seasoned white rice is the most common meal accompaniment here in Peru, I am intrigued by the variety of rice dishes that are commonly on the table for special celebrations.

Rocoto Relleno

Rocoto Relleno // Stuffed Peruvian Death Peppers

Rocotos are known for a delicious appetizer or meal when they are bathed, stuffed and baked to perfection. The vinegar & sugar bath calms the heat. A little. The stuffing has another kind of Peruvian pepper, sprinkled with cheese then topped with its lid. Can you handle the heat?

Arroz con Pollo // Peruvian Chicken with Rice

Arroz con Pollo varies country by country and each seems to have it’s own color, even with the same name. This version marries cilantro with dark beer – a combination I am rather fond of!

Aguadito // Peruvian Cilantro Soup

Aguadito is a delicious, flavorful soup which is traditionally made with chicken giblets. This version is meatless, although turkey or chicken would be a wonderful addition!

chocolate arborio rice pudding

Chocolate Arborio Rice Pudding

Looking to kick your rice pudding up a notch? Chocolate is certainly the way to do it!

butternut squash risotto

Butternut Squash Risotto

This risotto includes pureed butternut squash, which I was lucky enough to find at the supermarket. Butternut squash is an excellent addition to winter foods with it qualifying as one of the World’s Healthiest Foods. Another winter squash such as pumpkin or zapallo loche could also be substituted.

Chinese Beef & Mushroom Stew

Think Spice…Think Star Anise!

I am often amused by the English language. Since it is what I grew up with, I don’t often notice the humor. But when I try to explain the rules and tendencies to others, it becomes comical. One word can have numerous meanings. Several words, although written differently, can all sound like the same word. […]

Caihua Rellena // Stuffed Caigua

One thing I love about living here in Peru is seeing all the incredible foods that are available – especially the ones I have never seen nor eaten before! Caigua is one such vegetable!

arroz con leche // peruvian rice pudding

Arroz con Leche // Peruvian Rice Pudding

Most Latin countries have delicious versions of rice pudding – but this is my favorite! This is a perfectly creamy delight, and with the addition of port wine at the end, becomes a big kid version of a little kid favorite! This recipe can easily be doubled for larger groups – or just to enjoy […]

The Last Quarter

October is here. Three-fourths of 2007…gone! The sun has come out for a number of hours each day. It is supposedly spring here in Lima, Peru – but you’d hardly know it! I am still enjoying the flavors of winter while longing to be in the US season of fall! The delicious taste of stews […]


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