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Garbanzo Swiss Chard Stew

Peruvian Garbanzo Swiss Chard Stew // Garbanzo con Acelga

Peruvian Garbanzo Swiss Chard Stew is a highly nutritious and tasty Peruvian dish made featuring garbanzo beans and greens.

quinoa salad with roasted beets & spinach

Spinach Quinoa Salad with Beets

This Spinach Quinoa Salad with Beets is a beautiful blend of colors, vitamins and flavors – it just makes me feel good eating it. And it is delicious!

Spinach Salad

Springtime Spinach Salad

We are always looking for ways to include more spinach in our meals and this is a wonderful, delicious way to do just that! There is a perfect balance of flavor & crunch to accompany the fresh spinach.

Pizza Rustica

Rustic Surprise [BWJ]

There are those moments when you look at a recipe and it is almost as if the Hallelujah chorus breaks out – you know you have found the one!


Menestron // Peruvian Minestrone Soup

Menestron is a hearty soup, filled with a variety of beans and vegetables. Although different from the Italian Minestrone soup many are accustomed to, this version is unforgettable. Don’t forget the canchita or aji sauce!

Tallarines Verdes // Peruvian Pesto

Tallarines Verdes // Peruvian Pesto

This is a delicious version of pesto sauce that is traditional here in Peru. I love the flavor and think it is a delicious representation of Peruvian ingredients for a commonly eaten sauce. The queso fresco makes the sauce a bit creamy, which is slightly different than the traditional Italian pesto.

Crema de Espinaca // Cream of Spinach Soup

Popeye’s favorite when he visits Peru! Spinach is great to incorporate into your meals and this is a delicious way to do so!

Need. Vegetables. Now.

It seems that all of this holiday baking is causing me to crave delicious fresh vegetables. As I was preparing sugar cookies, mini-mini pies and cake, I knew I needed veggies – and not the beet that was in my cake! I decided to combine a few things I had in my fridge and made […]


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