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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, Right?

You may wonder what in the world happened to Provecho Peru in the last couple of months. It seems that a few, unrelated “hiccups” in life have kept me away from doing some of the very things I enjoy like writing, photographing, and cooking.

Market Mornings #6

Ice Cream Truck Aucayacu, Huanuco, Peru

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

Neighbors came by to offer a bag of 100 oranges for $3.50. I knew everyone would enjoy eating the oranges, but the ladies offered to make fresh squeezed orange juice for us all. With dull knives they sat and peeled them all as they counted out each and every one. The neighbor had shorted us […]

Market Mornings #5

Late yesterday afternoon, I returned from a wonderful, memorable week in the jungle city of Aucayacu. I have so many stories and pictures to share. But, I thought I would start with a simple selection of market shots. The city of Aucayacu has no supermarket. There are small corner stores and then the market where […]

Market Mornings #4

Next week at this time, I will be in the city of Aucayacu in the jungle! We are going to be cleaning off a lot to reconstruct a home and celebrate a special time with the community. This special time include a Festival of Juanes. I have already told you, they are probably my most […]

Market Mornings #3

Nearby the main market in the mountains of Uripa, you will find a line of product to sell. This particular day, the corn was displayed with pride. This is not typical sweet corn, but instead is a starchy corn that is not eaten directly from the cob but instead is typically picked off kernel by […]

Market Mornings #2

In Uripa, Apurimac I witnessed something that many had told me about. Instead of using money, they buy and sell by trading products. These ladies were trading fruits, one was giving the oranges & limes and the other brought fruit back from what grows in her area. This all took place using the Quechua language, […]

Market Mornings #1

One of the things that fascinates me here are the markets. I wish I could spend hour after hour walking through and visiting the many booths, seeing what they are selling. I am in awe of the people and how much work they do to sell their wares. I wish you could walk along beside […]


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