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Grain Muffins

Full of Grain Muffins

Everyone seemed intrigued with the muffins. They began to ask about one in particular that accompanied the Breakfast Casserole. As I named the many ingredients that were packed into these bites of deliciousness, I seemed to evoke a great deal of laughter. But why?

chocolate banana bread

Chocolate Banana Bread

Bananas and chocolate both come from the jungle here in Peru, so they obviously combine very well together!

Prune Butter

Prune Butter

Every fall, stores are full of apple butter and pumpkin butter – but have you ever seen prune butter? It is time to make you own!



Delicious cookies, for Christmas or any special occasion!

Chocolate Tart Dough

Chocolate Tart Dough

A perfect chocolate dough for the foundation of so many desserts!

Raspberry Dimple Cake

Raspberry Dimple Cake

Want a sweet way to say Happy Valentine’s Day? This is the perfect cake to do it!

White Loaves

Basic White Loaves

Although a loaf of white bread is easy to buy, it is so much more worth it to make it! You can make your own white bread loaves with this simple recipe!

real butterscotch pudding

Real Butterscotch Pudding [TWD]

Whenever I have thought of butterscotch, I think what came to mind were butterscotch chips and pudding cups with caramel colored cream inside. Never had I ever considered that butterscotch actually meant butter and scotch…and brown sugar.


Linzer Sables [TWD]

Maybe some people loved these. I didn’t. Where should I begin?

Thanksgiving Twofer Pie [TWD]

The table was surrounded by Americans and Peruvians and even a Colombian. The guests had grown from 12 to 18 by a simple knock at the door. Quickly, a large batch of rice was made to compensate for the small turkey and small number of fixings. The Peruvians were now the majority and rice is […]


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